Our Savoir-Faire

Mastering the balance of ancient Indian crafts and the European palate.

At Raani, our patterns are inspired by a mixture of 70s florals, vintage tropicals, and classical Indian prints. Hand-drawn in London, our designs are interpreted in India using various ancient processes.


Block prints, mostly created in Jodhpur, and a mixture of artisan embroidery and embellishment techniques endow each garment with refined layers of craftsmanship.
One-off statement pieces are created from saris, and our luxe satins and dreamy chiffons are plant-based.

Our vibrant yet earthy palettes elude to the colours of India, yet are carefully composed to complement European styling, resulting in a collection which celebrates a heavenly balance between east and west, ancient and modern, and wearable and opulent. 

fiza floral close up.jpg