Welcome to our story

RAANI means queen. 

Raani is a new seasonless brand of dreamy womenswear which is élégante et séduisante. 

Our raani woman is regal, an independent spirit who exudes an intoxicating blend of freedom, elegance, and fun. Raani women know that life is an adventure worth dressing up for.

Inspired by the style of yesteryear's queens - Talitha Getty's liberated chic, Zeenat Aman's sensual beauty, and Diana Ross's magnetic glamour - Raani blends the hedonistic glamour of the 1970s with exquisite Indian craftsmanship.

Tropical leaves, 70s florals, and sari prints influence our romantic and vibrant patterns, which are created using ancient Indian techniques, like hand beading and Jodhpuri block printing on luxe but friendly fabrics. We endeavour to be as environmentally conscious in our products and processes as possible.

Raani designer Duji Nanda was born in India but has spent most of her adult life in London, a trajectory that has imbued her with both a European sense of chic and an Indian appreciation for colour and artisan detail. Raani's first collection was dreamt up and designed in London but brought to life in Delhi where she spent the pandemic lockdown. 
The resulting pieces are practical, yet ooze luxurious bohemian chic. Almost weightless dresses float around the wearer, as fitting in the streets of London as on the French Riviera. These garments are timeless, opulent with embellishments yet entirely relatable to a modern European lifestyle.

Visit our Explore page to browse our debut looks. We have been working quietly with new restrictions in partnership with our factories in India to have the looks ready for pre orders in the soonest. Subscribe to our news letters to be the first to know of all updates. 

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